Saturday, August 22, 2009

Star ornaments that don't sparkle

I'm signed up for a Star Ornament swap that's due to be sent out in a couple of weeks, so I started experimenting.

#1 seemed blah to me, even with the usually popular red/white polka dot fabric.
So I tried a livelier fabric. Not crazy about #2, either. Maybe it needs a different button?
Switched gears to a non-Christmasy color combination. Used silver metallic thread and cord to dress it up a bit, but still not sure about #3.
Do you like any of these? Have any suggestions? Apparently my creativity is on an end-of-summer holiday.


Sue said...

Being a traditionalist, I love the red polka dots, what about another layer of felt or fabric behind the could even use something shimmery, a yoyo, a set of petals, a rosette...the mind is racing!

Michelle said...

I like #2 with a different button.

elaine said...

I like them all! :)
If you want to jazz them up, what about some small beads or sequins sewn on them to make them sparkle. (I like shiny things)