Monday, July 13, 2009

My red birdie has a friend.

I used different eyes for this guy and I think he looks a little less hypothyroid than the red bird.
I think my next bird will have a little tuft of some fun yarn on top of his head...

Still doing Row House swaps. The theme for this one was Color Choice. I knew I wanted to do a beach cabana, and I thought I might use yellow as my color choice, but once I got started on this, I realized browns and neutrals were going to work best. The curtains were the hardest part, because they kept wanting to be stiff and to stick out in all the wrong places. In the end, I remedied that problem with the twine tie-backs.

The stuff at the bottom that looks unfortunately like flames is actually supposed to be beach grasses. My creations always look so much better in my head than they actually turn out in real life! Argh!


Sue said...

I love your "flames" at the beach. Reminds me of burning hot sand in summer.

JustJan said...

Looks like the twitter bird. VERY nice.