Thursday, July 02, 2009

August quilt block

Over on Swap-Bot, I've been participating in a monthly quilt block exchange in which we have to create a 12.5" block that represents a holiday for each month of the year. Some months are pretty obvious - for February, we all did hearts; for May, most of us did flowers. But others are a little trickier, like August. I was going to do a beach/vacation theme, but then my plan was thrown for a loop when, in the July swap, I had to send to a Canadian swapper. I couldn't very well send her an American flag block (!), so she got my beach block instead. (I appliqued a seashell on fabric that resembles sand, and could kick myself for forgetting to photograph it before sending it off.)

So my August block ended up being a watermelon slice. To make the seeds, I cut my own little seed stencil from cardstock and stamped the fabric with black ink.

And, as a reminder to myself, here are the block themes I used for all the months so far.
February - stitch and split heart
March - stitch and split shamrock
April - umbrella on "rain" fabric embellished with crystal raindrops
May - appliqued tulips in 3 colors
June - wedding cake embellished with embroidery stitches and appliqued lace
July - seashell on sand
August - watermelon slice

For future blocks, I'm planning:
September - stitch and split apple
October - stitch and split pumpkin
November - autumn leaves?
December - something Christmas-y. Maybe a tree or holly leaves, or a stocking?
January - snowflake

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Sue said...

This sounds like a fun swap. Here in Oz we sometimes celebrate "Christmas in July" with a big turkey dinner, tree, gifts, pudding and decorations. So much easier to enjoy when the weather is cool. Of course we still have Christmas in December too when we eat cold ham, seafood and salads