Saturday, May 09, 2009

reusable envelopes

My first Buttercup bag. This is a small bag; you only need a fat quarter for the exterior. Cute, but too tiny for me!

Reusable envelopes! 

This one is made from a thrifted plastic tablecloth. There is a clear vinyl patch sewn on the front, with a slit behind the patch for an address label to be inserted.

This one was made from 1/2 of a vinyl placemat. The labels are simply affixed with packing tape, which can easily be removed by the next user.

The back flap is held closed with double-sided tape.

Both of these envelopes have successfully traveled through the U.S. and Canadian postal systems!

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Louisiana Momma said...

your bags are great and I love that reusable envelope idea.. my mail lady always enjoys my packages.. (small town).. I saw you on SB in the sewing group.. imagine my suprise when you mentioned lafayette.. I live in Kinder (Near Lake Charles).. anywho - enjoyed your blog :-)


P.S. We homeschool too.. Im interested in knowing what the keystone cop method is :-)