Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ornament Swap

I learned about this swap last month and signed up immediately. I love Christmas ornaments. :)

I was going to make lace angels with my embroidery machine, but my husband has been making some "updates" to our computer and now my embroidery software doesn't work. I hope Santa brings me my very own laptop this year, and a big sign to hang on it that says, "TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT."

Anyway, I ended up making these. 

They didn't photograph as well as I'd like. It's hard to see the finer details in these pictures.

They are made with Peltex as the stabilizer. On one side I sewed a small square of sheer, glittery snowflake fabric. On the other side, I did the same, but I backed that square with some silver taffeta. I trimmed the Peltex with a zig-zag rotary cutter, tacked on the ribbon, then applied craft glue and glittery snow around the edges.

I sent the required 10 out for the swap, but I have enough supplies left over to make about 100 more. Anyone need an ornament? :)


melissa said...

i received mine yesterday and LOVE it! i'm so glad you explained how you made it...i was studying it! it's beautiful! thank you so much! and merry christmas!

Amandalee said...

These are really pretty - good job TC :)