Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cajun-themed apron I made for a blog give-away. I picked up the fabric in Lafayette, LA, during an ice hockey trip. (Yes, they have ice hockey in southern Louisiana. I know, I know! Who knew?!)

The lovely model is my younger daughter.

Christmas stockings

After hearing my kids whine and moan about their old Sesame Street stockings for the last several years, I made these. The girls' stockings are pieced with various prints with gold accents, and their names are embroidered with gold thread. The boys got plain old red. And I'm definitely not making any more stockings until I have grandchildren. Harumph.

Lasagna quilt

Pieced with flannels and homespuns, and backed with a print featuring pine cones and needles. My thirteen year old son has this on his bed and says it's the warmest quilt in the house.

Cherry placemats

I made these a while back. They were my first attempt at machine applique. I'm not a big fan of applique, but these turned out cute. So cute, I won't let my family eat on them.